Monday, 22 February 2010

Portfolio Review

Today was my Portfolio Review. I was quite nervous at turning up this morning as I did not know what to expect because my last review wasn't exactly successful in my eyes. It was in the form of groups but each individual at to present and explain their current portfolio.

My portfolio hasn't been updated since the start of the academic year and includes most of my undergraduate work. What I showed today was the work from my previous project 'The Parking Towers'.

I explained that I was apprehensive about printing and presenting my recent work in my portfolio as it was a very typical student style portfolio and I felt I was ready to move away from that. I want to introduce an online portfolio and a digital way of presenting my work. Michael and Stephen explained that it was actually a good idea to move toward a digital/online presence but it was also a good idea to have printed documents to show in case of IT failure and also to fill in time.

But what does my portfolio need to be successful in finding a job or route into work.

-A range of different visuals and images. Have both photo-real and stylistic type renders.
-Include animations and walkthroughs.
-Show different techniques and structure types.
-Showcase skill types. Rendering glass, water, grass, etc.

Another thing I got from my portfolio review is that I need to look into which companies I could work for and how what I want to achieve will fit into the workplace. What is unique about me?

Creating an online presence is also something I plan on doing but it was suggested that using a template for the website will give the wrong impression as it does not reflect me as a visualiser/illustrator. Its a good idea to design the look of the website and commission a web designer to create it. This is something I plan to look into but it is not a priority at this point. The main thing i want to focus on is creating the work to put in my portfolio and developing a starting block online to showcase it and then develop this into a complete self promotional package which will also include business cards and letterheads (CV).

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